CyBall Development Updates — Reborn v1.2

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5 min readSep 19, 2022
Muterin sitting atop his throne surrounded by vials of Cyrum, with preparations completed to distribute the mutant serum across the CyVerse. He inspects his creation, marvelling at the sheer power within his grips.


  • CyBall Reborn v1.2 releasing on the 20th September @ 2pm UTC on CyBall homepage. Windows, Android, macOS and iOS are all supported.
  • This latest version includes the inventory system
  • Purchased Cyrum(s) can now be deposited into the game via the webapp.
  • Cyrums are temporary items which will expire 30 days from the moment they are deposited into the game.
  • Additional quality of life and game improvements have been made to provide a better gaming experience for players.
  • CyBall Classic (with 3v3 Exhibition mode only) will no longer be supported and discontinued.
  • Spectator mode is currently in development as a new feature for Reborn v1.3 — slated for early November


With CyBall Reborn v1.1 released, we’ve had an overwhelming number of players using custom room matches. The competition among the community has been fierce, with many amazing CyBloc Teams pitting their skills out against each other on the field.

Whilst Reborn v1.1 is live, the development team has been building out the inventory system, our next new feature. This will allow players to use the highly anticipated Cyrums in-game, thus mutating your CyBlocs into Mutants and ready for battle. Furthermore, CyBall Reborn v1.2 is set to release on the 20th September @ 2pm UTC on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS. Note that there will be a scheduled downtime at 12:00pm — 2:00pm UTC in preparation for the release, therefore we would request users from playing during this period until further announcements via our Discord. Without further ado, here is how you can deposit your Cyrums in-game.

How to deposit your Cyrum(s) in-game

1. View purchased Cyrum(s) in Profile

  • Navigate to the Profile tab on CyBall Page (Remember to connect your wallet)
  • You should be able to see the purchased Cyrum(s) within your Profile -> Cyrums tab

2. View purchased Cyrum(s) in Profile

  • Select which Cyrum(s) you would like to deposit in-game. Note that you DO NOT have to deposit your Cyrum(s) in game, this allows you to preserve the Cyrum for whenever you require it. A gentle reminder that the 30 days expiry of your Cyrums will begin from the moment they are deposited into the game
  • Once selected, click [Deposit # Cyrum(s)]

3. Confirm your deposit transaction

  • Select [Confirm] to complete the transaction of depositing your Cyrums into the game.
  • Note that the image below is an example. The transaction will not be using TOMO but BNB
  • Once the transaction is completed, you’ll now be able to see your Cyrums in the game.

How to equip and remove Cyrum(s) in-game?

Located on the Main Menu, players can now click on the inventory screen to view their Cyrum(s) and future skins.

Main menu showing the inventory button where you can view your Cyrums and future skins
Select the CyBloc on the LHS, (2) choose which Cyrum skin you would like to apply onto your CyBloc and click [Apply]
Hovering over the Cyrum skins allows you to view the effects, traits and expiry.
You can also remove the skin from the current CyBloc and apply it onto other CyBlocs or vice versa.

Quality of life improvements

In addition to the inventory screen for Reborn v1.2, quality of life and game improvements have been made to provide a better gaming experience for players. See below:

  • Default team names E.g. “Team 1, Team 2 etc…” will be replaced by nicknames. Note that nicknames can only be edited via the webapp.
  • CyPower will now update to reflect the effects of exhaustion removal tactic cards.
  • The custom room code can now be hidden for streaming purposes.
  • Replay feature: Users can now go back and forth from penalty screens without needing to exit and re-enter the replay.
  • Replay now uses in-match background music.
  • 3 new additional background music has been added for matches.
  • New background music has been added for the Custom Room lobby.

CyBall Classic will no longer be supported

As mentioned in our previous article, we will not be supporting CyBall Classic. Please note once CyBall Reborn v1.2 is live, all of the old endpoints will be turned off. As a result, we will no longer provide any support for bugs or issues that players encounter. To continue playing, please download the latest version of CyBall Reborn via our website.

Future Updates

With anticipation to release early November, here is a sneak peak into Reborn v1.3, where we will be releasing a spectators mode, which will allow viewers to join a game they would like to spectate and watch matches live. As a spectator, you will be able to see both player’s choice of CyBlocs per key event and choice of tactic card (if any).

A concept of the the custom match screen showing how to join as a spectator
A concept of how the spectators mode screen would look like

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